Frequently Asked Questions



    What are the language and the Units used in AquarioGest software?
  • AquarioGest is available in English. The common names in the Fish, Plants and Invertebrates Atlas are also in English.
  • About the units, you can choose, at the first launch of the software, the units system which you want to use : US, Imperial or International units.
  • The date format and the currency are the same settings of your Windows Operating System.
    How many aquariums can I manage with the software?
  • The number is unlimited and you can easily manage several tanks at the same time.
    Can AquarioGest operate on an Apple™ system?
  • No, AquarioGest is developed for a Windows™ Operating System only.
    Is there a free trial version that can be downloaded to try the software?
  • There is no trial version because the software is largely presented here.
    What is your update policy?
  • The minor update version are free (and downloadable for the Live version).
  • For the major version, you receive an update offer with a price reduction.

AquarioGest Live Version

    Why do I need an internet connection to use AquarioGest Live?
  • You need an internet connection to the license verification and especially to download the pictures of fish, plants & invertebrates in the Atlas. The software is licensed per machine. Each purchased license can be activated on one machine at a time.
    Do you always need to be online to input data?
  • You don't need to be connected to input data. You must just be connected at launch of software for the licence verification.
  • If your Internet connection is slow, you should prefer the CD-Rom version because you don't need to have an Internet connection.
    Where are the data stored, locally on my PC or on your Web server?
  • Your data are stored locally on your PC. The software includes a backup and restore tool.
    Is this a one off payment or subscription per year?
  • The price is one-time cost on this Order page.